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By 3:48pm PST June 08, 2020

The Rethink Together Forum has grown to a community of nearly 3,000 registered members ready to rethink what’s possible, together. In our weekly Forum update, we’ll always highlight What’s New and What’s in the Works on the Rethink Together Forum, and this week we also included ways to stand in solidarity with the protests against racism. You can find resources on the Forum to better understand and build a more equitable future. Working to dismantle systematic and structural racism is not an easy task, but a necessary one. We hope these resources spark discussion, invoke collaboration, and inspire change.

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  • When They See Us: Media Bias and Data Analysis

    (Resources for Netflix Series)
    We’ve all seen how quickly misinformation can spread. Watch the Netflix series “When They See Us” and use these accompanying activities to learn how to tell stories that are unbiased and fair. Disclaimer: must be a Netflix subscriber to access the series.

  • The Civil Right of Education, By the Numbers

    Despite progress, an honest look at key education and social statistics is a sobering, sometimes gut-wrenching reminder of how far we have yet to go. See the numbers for yourself, and get to work.

  • Exploring the 1619 Project

    (Podcast & Resources)
    1619 is the year the first enslaved Africans arrived in the U.S. It’s also the name of a powerful podcast that examines America’s long history of slavery. Listen to the New York Times podcast and be sure to check out the accompanying curriculum from Pulitzer Center.


  • Understanding America’s History of Racial Injustice Through Film

    (Film recs)
    We curated a list of 5 must-watch movies, films, and documentaries that shed light on the U.S. criminal justice system, mass incarceration, and policing.

  • Explore Your Identity With Ashanti Branch

    (3-part video series)
    We’re not always aware of our implicit biases and prejudices. And those biases and prejudices can show up in our actions. That’s why it’s so important to understand who you are, what you believe in, and why. Reflect on your identity, experiences, and values with The Ever Forward Club’s Ashanti Branch.


  • Black Lives Matter: Educational Resources

    Learn more about the Civil Rights movement, the history and sociology of racism, and what you can do to effect change in your own community.

  • Equity and the Educator’s Mindset

    (6-vid series)
    Explore mindsets and practices that help all students, especially underserved students, to thrive and feel valued in this video series from MIT’s Justin Reich.

  • Confronting America’s History of Racial Injustice

    (Resources with videos)
    Explore historical events that are missing from our history books through resources from the Equal Justice Initiative. It’s time for those stories to be told, heard, seen, and shared.


  • Anti-Racist Reading List and Resources

    By understanding that we’re all part of the problem if we don’t educate ourselves to be part of the solution. Use these resources as a guide for the conversations going on in your community and our country.

  • Anti-Racism Resources for White Families


    Have you ever talked about race or racism in your home? Systemic racism will never stop if we don’t start talking about it with the young people who will one day be our future leaders. Explore family resources for examining your own biases and learn how to take action.

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