New: XQ’s “Build A Campaign” Initiative for High School Students

By 8:00am PST October 14, 2020

It’s clear. This election won’t be like any election in history. With stories of record early voting turnout in Georgia and attempts to limit election drop-off sites in Texas, citizens feel an extra weight on getting their voices heard this November 3.

However, for Gen Z, especially those under the age of 18, you may find this election season to be frustrating. You are hearing that so much is at stake in this election and that we are in the midst of multiple and intersecting existential crises, but you may not be sure of how you can get involved.

We know there aren’t clear avenues for you to effect change in this election. That’s why we launched Build A Campaign to spur young people—like you—across America to action this election season.

Build A Campaign Now.

We’re finding more and more that the voices and actions of young people will make a difference this election season. While we know that most high school students are too young to vote, you can still play an important role in the election through civic engagement in your community.

Did you know that there are two primary ways for you to help this election without casting a ballot? That’s right! You can launch one of these two campaigns:

  1. GOTV to increase voter turnout
  2. Recruit poll workers to reduce record poll worker shortage

But, as we always echo at XQ, we know that we do better together, and Build a Campaign proves that. Our open-source campaign guide gives high school students the strategy and resources you may need to support civic engagement—in all aspects—in the run-up to the election

It helps you work collaboratively to support poll workers and get out the vote. We found some amazing case studies to share with you like Spotify’s Play Your Part and LeBron James’s More Than a Vote. Additionally, we included some one-of-a-kind resources from When We All Vote and Poll Hero

So get to work! We only have three weeks to election day, but that means we have three weeks of work ahead of us. Make sure to pick a campaign that matters the most to you and learn how to quickly build and launch a campaign to impact this election at

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